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Are the every day costs of running a car costing you and your family more money? Would you like to not only save money but also make your mark in saving the environment by reducing your fuel carbon emmissions?

Whether you have a Ferrari, Toyota Prius Hybrid, or a Mini running on Lpg, Diesel, Petrol, Bio fuel, or any other type of fuel you can add one of our fuel cells and reap the benefits. In simple terms: it will work on any vehicle with an internal combustion engine.

One of our customers from East London who had it installed in one of our local qualified garages:

Vauxhall Astra with a Water Fuel Cell

The Vauxhall Astra Water Fuel Cell was fitted on

He Says:

“I feel as if the hydrogen fuel cell has taken my 1.7 diesel CDTI to a 2 litre petrol. It’s so fast! There is no turbo lag like you often get with diesels and I am enjoying and having a lot more fun driving my car. As well as the increase in acceleration I have gained an extra 100 miles on a full tank and overall I am very impressed and telling everyone  I know about it.”

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The Water Fuel Cell is a cost-effective investment. Find out more of the ways a water fuel cell can save you money on more than just fuel.

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The short answer is YES. Whether you have a car, van, truck, bus, coach, taxi, boat, generator & even a motor bike. If it has an engine nine times out…

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