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We can improve the millage, the emissions, plus many more benefits for your fleet that would drastically reduce your vehicle expenses. We run a sales force that does not work on commission or Targets in order that they do not give customers “The Hard Sell”. We would first carry out a test vehicle to see if we really do what we say we do & then you can decide where to go forward or not.

We give a Money Back Guarantee so you can’t lose.

How it works?

1) Contact us today and see if you qualify for a 1-3 month trial run on one of your companies vehicles.

2) You should begin to see results straight away within the first month. We give you up to 3 months – if you wish you don’t need to keep it and it can easily be uninstalled.

3) You will see the fuel savings, you extended life to your vehicles and you see how the fuel cell improves your engines harmful emissions.

Perfect for Business Fleet Vehicles

Perfect for Business Fleet Vehicles

So why not give us a call, let us present you with the facts & when you are ready to go forward we can start saving you Money.

The advantage could be immense as we can not only save you valuable money resources but emissions could be reduced by up to 95%. No more ad blue!

Other benefits include:

  • As this system thoroughly cleans out the engine of Carbon it will not need servicing so often.
  • Oil will stay as cleaner extending engine longevity.
  • The engine will stay cooler as tests have shown. When the engine is kept coolerl engine parts last much longer. You may not even need a CAT Converter or Diesel Particulate Filter any longer.

Find out more today!

Installer Training

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The short answer is YES. Whether you have a car, van, truck, bus, coach, taxi, boat, generator & even a motor bike. If it has an engine nine times out…

Are you an MOT centre? A Garage? Or a Mobile Engineer? You can now earn money by becoming our partner and become a fully trained qualified installer.