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The potential to save money for you or your business is huge from unsubstantiated sources.

The following is from NON credible sources. (from our own testing & end users our our fuel cells)

By using HHO (from water) as a supplement fuel you could potentially reduce your fuel costs by up to 50%. Fuel savings typically depend on your vehicle and how you drive. The average savings for customers are between 7-10% on petrol cars and 10-20% on diesel cars. However, some of our customers have reported savings of up to 50%. By driving fuel efficiently as well you can potentially increase the amount you spend on fuel even further. However, it must be noted that some of the claims may be due to the placebo effect 7 not actual savings. In September 2013 we are carrying out fuel & emissions testing at the University of Hertfordshire which does this with state of the art testing equipment. Once we have the results we will publish this credible source.

Oil Price statistics

Oil Prices show no sign of decreasing

We will soon be launching a fuel savings calculator so you can see instantly exactly how much fuel you could save after our university testing is complete.

Save Money on Vehicle Maintenance

The Water Fuel Cell can save you money on vehicle maintenance. How? Because the fuel supplement reduces your CO and carbon emissions there is less build up of carbon in the vehicle, making the engine run smoother, more efficiently and last longer.

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