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In very simple terms, our technology is based on the process known as ‘Electrolysis.’ This is where a positive electrode and a negative electrode are immersed in a liquid and a current is passed through them. A gas is then released. In this case the liquid is water and the gas is a mixture of two parts Hydrogen and one part Oxygen.

Using one of our units the gas is drawn into the vehicles combustion chamber by the vacuum produced by the engine. Here it mixes with the Petrol or Diesel and due to the new gas having a higher octane level produces a larger, hotter explosion that uses all the unburnt fuel to produce more energy and vapourises the carbon. Less fuel is then needed to produce the same power as before hence less fuel needed.

A supplemental hydrogen fuel cell system enhances the efficiency of the petrol or diesel beineg burnt in your vehicle. Use of this system is not an attempt to run your vehicle on hydrogen gas exclusively.

Instead, it is a way to more efficiently burn the fuel that you are already using. This system fully atomises the fuel molecules and burning them as a vapour (instead of the larger droplets that they would normally be). So, by using a supplemental hydrogen fuel cell system, we are simply taking a vehicle, that is compromised and inefficient, and bringing it up to a higher level of efficient combustion.

Emissions and air pollutants from your vehicle, are greatly reduced while using this system because more of your fuel is being completely used up and not being burned in your catalytic converter. The bi-product of burning hydrogen gas is heated water vapour, which steam cleans the inside of your engine and removes damaging carbon build-up and performance robbing sludge.

HHO gas contains high energy, and in particular, generates cold flame with tremendous energy potential upon ignition. HHO gas isa special and highly efficient medium that transmits electrical energy to the atomic structure of a material and exhibits special effects that are often unobtainable by any other means.

HHO gas is:

  • Essentially easy to handle
  • Odorless
  • Harmless to the human body even when inhaled.

Further, HHO gas is lighter than air, diffuses rapidly in air, and has a high initial flammability limit, which makes it safer than other combustible gases.

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