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A fuel cell is a device that produces electricity from hydrogen—not by burning it, but by combining it with oxygen during a controlled chemical reaction.

In 1839, Sir William Grove, a British judge and physicist, developed the first fuel cell. However, fuel cells were expensive to build, and the fuel and components were awkward to obtain. Thus, the technology lay dormant until the mid-20th century when fuel cells were developed to provide power for American spaceships.

Modern spacecraft still use fuel cells to provide onboard power, but the technology is now being refined for more down-to-earth uses.

Today, fuel cells are being developed to replace the internal combustion engine in motor vehicles, to provide electricity for commercial and domestic buildings, and to power small electric devices, such as mobile phones and computers. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested in developing this emerging technology.

The technology is supported and has been tested and scientifically proved to work by various large companies, universities, non-profit organisations and government funded companies (including NASA).

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