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We all must take responsibility for our actions in helping to make the planet we live on a cleaner, less polluted place.

“It has been calculated that if all vehicles on the earth were converted, it would have the same effect as removing 18 million polluting vehicles!”

There are many greenhouse gases and the most abundant is Carbon Dioxide, which accounts for approximately 85% of all greenhouse gases. Carbon Dioxide is formed when fossil fuels, like petrol or diesel are burned.

In and around most cities, the air we breathe can smell and taste like exhaust fumes. Perhaps you may even have felt discomfort or a mild burning in your eyes? Has breathing on certain days been more difficult than on others? Have you noticed that air quality warnings seem to be getting more frequent than ever? What’s ironic about it is that you and I are actually paying for this and promoting our own misery with our hard earned money.

How can you make a difference in the world?

There is a way that you can do your part, and if everyone else did the same, things could really improve! By having our supplemental hydrogen fuel cell fitted to your vehicle you will be doing your bit towards reducing pollution and helping the environment.

Convert Your Car To Go Green

Convert Your Car To Go Green

How does this work?

Hydrogen fuel cells are the result of basic physics and chemistry put into an easy-to-use package. We take a little water (H2O, or two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen – also known as HHO), add an electrolyte and some DC (direct current – about 9 amps). By doing so we actually break apart the water into its two gases and we use that fuel (HH) and oxidiser (O) to assist the combustion process in your vehicle’s engine. The addition of hydrogen and oxygen makes the fossil fuel burn more completely.

The results?

The results are incredible. The pollution your vehicle was emitting will be cut down considerably.

The solution – You can make a difference

Now you have a chance to make a change to help the situation. By having a supplemental hydrogen fuel cell system on your vehicles, generators, boats, etc you can begin the movement to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions globally. When the Euro Vl regulations are introduced in the EU, one of the only ways to reach this low emission standard will be supplemental hydrogen injection.

Join the thousands who have already made a change today.

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