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I thought I would drop you a line. Thank you so much for the conversion on my wifes Citroen C3. We cannot believe the difference in the car. It’s like its been supercharged…and the fuel economy is unbelievable. Before we got on average around 65 MPG but now it’s always over a hundred! We have sent a photo of the average fuel economy to prove it which we have verified by fuel receipts and mileage used. We had to do this as we thought the fuel computer was faulty!
Why can’t the motor manufacturers do this?
Why is it not on every vehicle?

Gary Swain”

The image he attached:

“I feel as if the hydrogen fuel cell has taken my 1.7 diesel CDTI to a 2 litre petrol. It’s so fast! There is no turbo lag like you often get with diesels and i am enjoying and having a lot more fun driving my car. As well as the increase in acceleration i have gained an extra 100 miles on a full tank and overall i am very impressed and telling everyone  i know about it.”
- Sanj, East London

“Just thought I’d let you know that I’m so pleased with the installation. I’ve covered 200Klms and the fuel gauge has hardly moved. Fantasic. Can I have a sticker for the back of the car for some free advertising for you.”
- P.Williams, Malaga (Renault Scenic 1.9DTi)

“These new fuel cells are incredible, my Mitsubishi L200 2.5 now does over 40% more to the gallon. It runs much, much cooler too. Many thanks.”
- Dave

“The trip went fine, average consumption is now around 6.5-6.6 when it used to be 7.2-7.4. Also I used to reach 8.0 easily when sport driving, now it seems to reach 7.6 maximum (Litres/100Km).”
- Flavio, Marbella (Mercedes B200CDi)

“Just thought i’d drop you an email to thank you, with the recession my Taxi business was suffering, now I have an edge over the rest and should make it through. You were right too about the blackcab that failed on excessive hydrocarbons….it’s now passed the MOT since conversion. Thanks again.”
- Derek (FX4 black cab)

“Thank you for converting our Renault Kangoo 1.7DCi. Immediately I noticed the increase in power, it feels about 20BHP. I think I will use this extra power around town with a smaller increase in economy and save economical driving on our journeys back to my home in France. This should pay for itself in a handful of Journeys!”
- Ponty, Alhaurin de la Torre

“I am so pleased with the conversion on my car, it runs so smoothly now! As you know I was interested in having the car converted as I had to make several 500Kml journeys to Madrid and back, it has now paid for itself in less than 3 months!! I am so happy and my friends and family all want it done too!!”
- Antonio Garcia-Bellido Capdevila, Marbella (Renault Laguna 2.0i)

“My Ford Transit 190 LWB diesel van has had a good result…
from 320 miles on a full tank of diesel to 425 miles !!! That’s an extra
100+ miles per tank of fuel. Very impressed.”
- Carlo Mark   Luton, UK

“Thanks for the email . This is what i have noticed with the Water Fuel Cell system:
1, the engine runs quieter and smoother
2, It seems to pull a little better
3, We only do driving around town and we used to average 7 kms per litre(19 MPG), now the car on the first test is getting just over 9 kms to the litre (26+MPG) .

I think this will get better as i can adjust how much hydrogen is produced.
- Mark Graham, San Pedro (Nissan Patrol 3.0TD)

“I do not uderstand why, but my fuel economy keeps improving every fill-up since the conversion. I have gone from 24 MPG average to 37 MPG. I am very impressed with your system and your service. I am sorry for sending you so many emails detailling the improvements each tank full but I am very exited about this.”
Mark Radford Toyota (Rav4)

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