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By becoming an installer we have the rights to any photographs or images of the Installers, their testimonials and details which may be used for promotional purposes. If a refund or credit is agreed by ourselves for a faulty unit, the unit has to be sent back within 30 days receipt of the goods and returned in its original condition. Once the unit is received by us a refund or credit will be issued. Concerning the 30 day money back Guarantee, the vehicle must be converted by ourselves and a Certificate of Installation issued. The customer must ask for this money back scheme in writing and we in turn have the right to refuse to enter the agreement. If agreement is given the customer must have the acceptance in writing.  To gain acceptance to the 30 day scheme the customer must first supply a fuel used log for one month or at least 1000 miles before the installation and one month or at least 1000 miles after the installation. This must also contain copies of the fuel receipts and photographs of the milometer / tachometer of the vehicle at the time of the issued receipt. We also require a 4 gas analysis print out before the installation and one month or at least 1000 miles after the removal of the fuel cell system. In the event of no improvements whatsoever in fuel economy or emissions reduction a refund will be issued.

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We do not allow any of our trained installers to offer training without our consent and written approval.


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