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Water Fuel Cell is a company, based in London, specializing in converting cars to run on HHO gas and your existing fuel (e.g. Petrol or Diesel) with a Water Fuel Cell.

The Water Fuel Cell can be fitted on any vehicle or anything with a combustion engine.

Our aim is to:

  • Save the Environment - Our fuel reduces the emissions in your vehicle by up to 95%. Imagine what a difference this would make to the environment if every car was fitted one of our fuel cells.
  • Save Fuel & Save Money – By topping up your car with water which our fuel cell converts into HHO gas, you can save up to 50% in fuel.
  • Improve Engine Performance – The HHO gas that is produced cleans out the carbon in your engine. This means you need to replace your car oil less, you car will need less maintenance and general improve in performance.

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