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In very simple terms, our technology is based on the process known as ‘Electrolysis.’ This is where a positive electrode…

In simple terms, if you get more Miles/Kilometres per Gallon/Litre from your vehicle, you spend less money! You can potentially…

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There are other companies that may offer you hydrogen fuel cells but they are usually cheap lower quality alternatives – which don’t always work. We are the only company where our product is recognised and insured with product liability with The Lloyds of London in the city. So when you install our Water Fuel Cell you know it’s 100% safe and works.

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“Just thought I’d let you know that I’m so pleased with the installation. I’ve covered 200Klms and the fuel gauge has hardly moved. Fantasic.”

Oil prices are rising more than ever before. Beat the fuel prices and see how by installing a water fuel cell on your vehicle you could potentially save money, however, this is to be confirmed in September 2013

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